Welcome; these are my personal favorite DoTERRA kits that I feel are great starter kits when you're new to the essential oil lifestyle. Once you purchase your kit, you get FREE access to the Nurtured Member Community, a chance to attend the VIP workshops, and an exclusive 1:1 Essential Oil Consult to help get you started and answer your questions. 

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Healthy Habit Enrollment Kit

A healthy holistic lifestyle starts with healthy habits. This kit offers your body the consistent care it craves both inside and out. A habit you can feel the change!

What's Included:

  • Balance® essential oil (5 mL)

  • Tangerine essential oil (5 mL)

  • Lavender essential oil (5 mL)

  • Frankincense essential oil  (5 mL)

  • On Guard® essential oil(5 mL)

  • Deep Blue® Rub

  • ZenGest® TerraZyme®

  • Veggie Caps

  • dōTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack® (NHP)


Healthy Essentials Enrollment Kit 

 This collection offers an organic balance with naturally sourced answers to help the most common daily needs if you're new to the essential oil lifestyle.

What's Included:

More DoTTERRA Products

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DoTERRA has more products that are all toxic-free, like:

  • Skin products

  • Women's health supplements

  • Daily Supplements

  • Laundry products (Adobe line)

  • Cleaners (Adobe line)

  • Gut health supplements

  • Protein powders

  • Diffusers & Accessories

Aromatic Science

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Doterra Source To You

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Doterra Protein Powder 

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When essential oils are applied to the skin, they are absorbed easily and carried by in your bloodstream to every cell within the body in minutes 

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Hol-fit Intro Essential Oil Class

I know you're interested in learning more about using oils for Digestion or pain ... you'll learn some ways to use Peppermint and Digest Zen in this class to help you. Plus, you’ll be given a FREE Ebook that you’ll love!

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Essential Oil Consult

Book in your Essential Oil Consult to discover what essential oils are the right fit for you.

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