About Me

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I use live in a disconnected, people pleaser, chronic pain lifestyle. Until I found the answer, I was looking for... holistic living.

I am so happy and grateful to have you here! I am a Holistic Lifestyle Coach and reside in Alberta, Canada. Previously, I struggled with finding that balance between work-life, mom-life, and everything in between. Through my own experiences and education, I created a lifestyle program that encompasses physical and mental, emotional and spiritual health.


Before my journey of becoming a Holistic Lifestyle Coach, I faced many health challenges that included chronic pain, fatigue, digestive, and sleep issues. And at one point, I not only felt utterly defeated by it all, but I also felt like I had lost myself in the process. As if everyday life wasn’t stressful enough, right.


When I had enough, I actively began to look for solutions that would help me balance everything while still allowing me to have time for myself and my healing.

From years of extensive knowledge of the fitness industry through working out, dance, bodybuilding, personal training, kickboxing, meal plans, and the health issues I was dealing with, I finally found the answers I was looking for in Holistic Wellness. My journey started with seeing numerous naturopaths and having live blood analysis, acupuncture, reiki, different massages, and physical therapy.


My passion grew into becoming a trained Garuda Pilates Instructor, obtaining my Essential Oils Certificate, and completing my Precision Nutrition Certification. I not only found my love, but I also learned how to heal myself through Holistic Wellness finally.  Combining my knowledge of diverse health industries, I developed a system that focuses primarily on mindset and healing the body through food, movement, and energy.


I’ve spent years educating people on creating a Holistic Wellness lifestyle. I’ve made an easy and fun way to ground yourself and evolve physically and spiritually in my programs. This process begins with really listening to each of you, my clients, and then, using guidance, intuition, and commitment, together we can customize each program to suit you. All that is required to start is a simple conversation.

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Start your health and healing journey today!

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What I offer my qualified members 

1:1 Nurtured By Nature Members:

  • Personalized Nutrition Plans

  • Support Healthy Lifestyle changes

  • Know what Essential Oils work for you

  • Personalized Pilates work outs

  • Resolve Digestive issues

  • Assist Sleep and Energy issues

  •  Holistic Remedies 

  • Understand what your Body and Emotions are telling you

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Impressive results that have lasted a lifetime.



In days after working with Chantel, my skin was all cleared up!

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I loved doing Pilates with Chantel, it was more then just a work out, I felt deeply connected with myself, grounded, and confident.